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Kaitiakitanga Project

What is the Global Kaitiakitanga Project?
The New Zealand at Expo 2020 team has partnered with Young Enterprise to create the Global Kaitiakitanga Project. The sustainability-focussed 14-month programme will provide high quality mentoring and international collaboration for young New Zealand innovators.

We’ve selected five groups of 15 - 17 year old students who have started companies embodying sustainability, as part of the Young Enterprise Programme running throughout New Zealand high schools. The students will use the 14-month programme of mentoring and international engagement to develop their business.


This involves workshops with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and the opportunity to travel to Thailand in October 2019 (sponsored by the Southeast Asia Centre for Asia Pacific Excellence). This will provide engagement with other youth enterprise organisations, and to validate their product or service internationally.


Congratulations to The Global Kaitakitanga Project winner Brooke Moore. While all of the participants products were impressive, Brooke Moore’s product, Wrapt, an edible plastic wrap alternative developed to reduce plastic waste, was the final winner.

Video Series: Watch the journey of The Global Kaitakitanga Project’s young innovators over the last year

Participating Companies:

In June 2019, we invited all New Zealand high school students participating in the Young Enterprise Scheme to take part in The Global Kaitiakitanga Project. We were extremely impressed with the quality of the applicants, as well as the innovative products they had developed. Congratulations to the following five companies who were selected to take part in the project.

CloudMass (Glendowie College, Auckland)

CloudMass' vision is to become a market-leading expert in the care and daily happenings of Dementia patients. This will increase the freedom of patients, and improve their quality of life whilst reducing the stress levels of their caregivers. We aim to achieve this through the CloudMass Ara, a miniature tracking device that is hidden upon the sufferer (with consent from the caregivers). It pairs with a custom application to provide real-time tracking as well as customisable geo-fences with instant notifications when the fence has been breached. This ensures that peace of mind is achieved for the safety of the dementia patient, whilst allowing them freedom in their daily lives.

Sean Gibbs is an inspiring young leader, heading as the Chief Executive Officer of CloudMass. His entrepreneurial abilities and self-motivation set high expectations of himself and his team. Being innovative and having an ambitious mindset drives him to continuously improve. This is reflected in his in-school and out of school involvements including sports. Sean is a passionate swimmer and enjoys trying new sports.

Matthew Bilby is the Chief Marketing and Communication Officer of CloudMass. Being self-motivated, diligent and an excellent communicator makes him a valued leader. His innovative nature and great organisation skills ensure all deadlines are met. His passion lies in entrepreneurship, technology and cricket.

Adam Jonkers is the Chief Financial and Operations Officer of CloudMass. He is innovative and a problem solver who is ready to tackle any challenge that comes his way. His can-do-attitude and commitment make him a great team player. Adam displays a keen interest in entrepreneurship, technology and sports.

Te Kete ō Tangaroa (Havelock North High School, Havelock North)

Te Kete ō Tangaroa is working towards creating a polystyrene bin alternative, to combat the unsustainable use of polystyrene for exporting seafood. To do this, the company is prototyping 3D printed bins that use a biopolymer plastic with bin walls that mimic the bladder structure of rimurapa, a kelp that was used for packing tītī (muttonbirds) by my tūpuna (ancestors).

Sam Wixon, CEO, is 17 years old and a year 12 student at Havelock North High School in Hawke’s Bay. Sam has a real enjoyment for business. Earlier this year he was selected for and attended Entrepreneurs in Action, a fast-paced weekend where his team of eight competed against 10 other teams to complete two business challenges over 48 hours. His team, Uprise Digital, were the winners of both the business challenges.

Sam also embraces his Ngāi Tahu whakapapa. He was selected as one of 10 rangatahi to go with his iwi to Silicon Valley, USA, to take part in a STEM boot camp for young Māori called Āmua Ao. He has also worked with his iwi to create the Rautaki Rakatahi or youth strategy for Te Runanga ō Ngāi Tahu. Sam is also the student trustee on his school’s board of trustees and a UN Youth high school ambassador.

Sam enjoys debating and this year was a member of the Hawke’s Bay regional debating team. He was selected for and attended New Zealand Model United Nations in 2018 and 2019, in 2019 he received a Māori/Pacific Island scholarship to attend. Sam is also in his school’s 1st XI hockey team and an umpire for 1st division girls hockey. He works part-time as a forecourt attendant at the local BP petrol station. In his very scarce spare time, Sam really enjoys playing the guitar.

Te Tuitui matauranga (St John’s College, Hastings)

Te Tuitui matauranga means the sewing of knowledge.

The company is concerned with our environment, climate change, water sustainability; maximising the return from the land using innovative technology. We have produced drought tolerant seeds, initially peas and beans, with tranche two including maize. We have adopted a culturally responsive approach drawing on Māori concepts and language. Our partnerships include Plant and Food (NZ) and Wrightson’s Seeds.

Louis Gaffaney is passionate about economics and consistently scores ‘Excellence’ grades in all his subjects. He plays St John’s College Hastings 1st XI football and Junior A football. Louis is a member of the Hastings District Youth Council. He has travelled to Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, for drama tour as a member of the Hawkes Bay Youth Theatre (h@byt) performing a modern rendition of ‘Rome and Juliet’ to audiences of more than 250. He is a Year 11 A debating member and takes part in regional competitions.
Bradley Campbell, Ngai Tahu, is a peer tutor who excels at economics and is a passionate student of Māori. He is a member of the Hawkes Bay U16 Rugby Team (2018, 2019), Hawkes Bay U15 Cricket and College Rugby IST XV (Chile – 2019). Bradley is a director of Te Tuitui matauranga (YES Company) which is operated on an extra-curricular basis.

Marcus Ambrose academically excels in his subjects. He is a member of the Hawkes Bay Men’s Hockey, Central Under National U18 National Hockey Team, Hawkes Bay U18 Hockey, 1st XI Hockey St Johns College, 1st XI Cricket teams. Marcus works part time and enjoys fishing. He is a director of Te Tuitui matauranga (YES Company) which is operated on an extra-curricular basis.

Kupa Pohe, Ngati Porou is a prefect, peer mentor and Cultural Captain of St Johns College. He plays basketball and rugby. Kupa is a Director of Te Tuitui matauranga (YES Company) which is operated on an extra-curricular basis.

Top That! (Tauhara College, Taupo)

Top That! is the new gourmet allergen-friendly meal topper, carefully crafted to enhance the healthy eating experience. Made from scratch, Top That! combines various textures and flavours - even packaged in washable and reusable packaging - to promote eco-friendly plant-based living.

Olivia Moore, CEO, is an avid foodie and food photographer from Taupō. A self-confessed health nut, Olivia loves to experiment in the kitchen to stretch the boundaries of healthy eating and is rarely found without her camera.

Wrapt (Tauhara College, Taupo)

Wrapt is an edible, biodegradable, allergen-free plastic wrap alternative! Wrapt strives to amplify the fun, flavour and colour of wrapped foods while helping to save the earth, one wrap at a time. Available in three family-friendly flavours, there is a Wrapt wrap to suit every set of tastebuds.

Brooke Moore, CEO, of Wrapt is obsessed with food. From weird food flops through to masterpieces, her love of experimenting with ingredients has led her to believe that willpower and getting back up again is enough to change the world - if there's a will, there’s a way. Brooke has an enormous amount of ambition, determination, innovation and creativity, seeking the wackiest, weirdest and most wonderful methods and experiences.

Brooke’s obsession with cooking and helping others sparked her interest in helping to solve the plastic crisis. Since January, her brain has been a whirlwind of agar, sugar and water, combined with images of plastic-free beaches and happy animals that she hopes to make a reality. Four months of trialling differing ratios and cooking times have resulted in her product and she is confident that Wrapt will revolutionise the future of food production and streamline the lunchbox packing process.

The Global Kaitiakitanga Project is about developing New Zealand's next generation of entrepreneurs to solve sustainability issues for the world.

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