The trio comprises of two brothers; Pene and Amitai Pati, both tenors, and Moses Mackay who is a baritone. The group officially formed in 2012 but they had been working together in some capacity for several years before hand as in 2008 Moses and Pene provided backing vocals for the legendary Andrea Bocelli on tour. Then, in 2010, Moses and Amitai performed as two of five backing vocalists for George Benson’s tour called An Unforgettable Tribute to Nat King Cole. 

When the opportunity came up for all three to move to the UK and study for a master’s degree at the prestigious Wales International Academy of Voice – they needed to fundraise to make that international move so formed the group. Word quickly got around about the talented trio and after their first sell-out performance in Auckland – they signed to Universal Music the next day. They now have major deals in the UK and USA and are well-known for their charity work and efforts.

Their self-titled debut album has gone 8 times platinum and gained success in Australia and the United Kingdom. 

At Expo 2020, Moses MacKay will be joined by Ludwig Treviranus. Wellington born, Ludwig is of Samoan/German heritage. From 2015-2017 he was the piano lecturer for the Young Musician’s Programme at New Zealand School of Music. He holds a Doctorate of Music from Florida State University where he studied under Dr Read Gainsford.  

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