Video: Made at Expo – This Is New Zealand, Expo '70 Osaka

One of the features of the New Zealand pavilion at Expo ’70 in Osaka, Japan, was the film This Is New Zealand, produced by the National Film Unit and directed by young film-maker Hugh Macdonald.

This Is New Zealand presented a slice of life of New Zealand at the time – its landscape and history as well as its people, their livelihoods and entertainments.  

With its innovative three screens and three projections, This Is New Zealand pushed the boundaries of film-making at the time and required a specially-fitted cinema within the pavilion.

The film became one of the most popular at Expo ’70, with up to 6,000 people seeing it each day over the six-month event. 

After the film’s success in Osaka at Expo ‘70, there was a feeling that New Zealanders too should have the opportunity to see the film. This Is New Zealand played to sold-out screenings at home with more than 400,000 New Zealanders seeing the film.