Video: Made At Expo - Graphic Design for Brisbane ‘88 and Seville ‘92

Artist and designer Roy Good was commissioned to develop the logo and graphic standards for New Zealand’s participation in Brisbane’s Expo ‘88 and Seville’s Expo ‘92.

With the 1988 Expo being held in Brisbane, Australia - our closest neighbour - the branding was developed to represent New Zealand’s cultural difference.  The design draws on our Māori heritage and was inspired by the painter Gordon Walters, who had incorporated koru patterns into his works.  

Thinking about ‘1988’ Good drew the numerals ‘88’ and combined it with a Māori tiki tongue.  The logo was placed on a large greenstone wall outside the New Zealand Pavilion for Expo ‘88 and used as the ‘pavilion stamp’ that visitors received upon entry. 

For the 1992 World Expo in Seville, Spain, it was important for New Zealand to differentiate itself from Europe, so Good went for a deep blue colour to reflect our location in the South Pacific and surrounded by water.  The double spiral pattern was applied to European-style banners outside the pavilion. 

This story was filmed at Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery during the retrospective exhibition, Roy Good: Parallel Universe.