Structural materials pioneer meets opportunity in Dubai

Pultron is a company committed to pioneering smart alternatives to structural materials.

After inventing the world’s first fibreglass electric fence post in 1982, Pultron has gone on to develop 45 new applications for composite materials, from pioneering the world’s first fiber optic cable strength member for telecommunications, to composite rockbolts in tunnels and mines and anti-pirate fencing for cargo ships. 

One of Pultron’s flagship products is ‘Mateenbar’, a direct substitute for steel used to reinforce concrete in construction. Arabic for strong and durable, Mateenbar is twice as strong as steel, one quarter its weight, and corrosion-free. It’s particularly useful in challenging environments like the Gulf States, where corrosion is 30 times more prevalent than in other parts of the world. 

Pultron saw an opportunity for lower operating costs and faster delivery, so they built an ISO certified manufacturing facility in Dubai, the gateway to markets in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and South Asia. One of Pultron’s key projects in Dubai has been the installation of Mateenbar in wave protection units for the iconic Burj Al Arab Hotel. 

As host for the upcoming Expo2020, Dubai is expanding its airport, road networks, and its Metro line, as well as building 500 new hotels. Pultron knew that their Mateenbar product was perfect for the metro line extension.

“As a local manufacturer based in Dubai, there was no other option but to win EXPOlink 2020.” 

NZTE’s Business Development Manager, Ahmad Zakkout, provided introductions to key influencers and Pultron built solid relationships with contractors and consultants. Although the competition for the project was tough, Pultron persevered through 18 months of project development and eventually won the contract to supply diaphragm walls for three out of four underground stations using Mateenbar. 

So what’s next for this innovative company? Winning the EXPOlink contract has opened doors all over Europe for Pultron, so they’re already working on a range of new projects, thanks to the relationships they’ve fostered, and what they’ve learned from the EXPOlink process.