Pūtātara: New sustainability and global citizenship curriculum resource for New Zealand schools

Pūtātara is a new and exciting teacher resource developed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education and the New Zealand Expo 2020 team. Pūtātara promotes sustainability and global citizenship for Years 7-10 students through enquiry learning as part of the New Zealand curriculum. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Expo 2020 Dubai are woven throughout Pūtātara giving students an opportunity to learn about global topics and understand New Zealand’s place in the world.

Named Pūtātara, after the conch trumpet, the resource is a call to action. This call to action reflects sustainability and wellbeing issues integral to our planet, that will bear a large impact on future generations.

Pūtātara was developed to teach students to become global citizens, enabling them to promote New Zealand’s unique approach to sustainability (kaitiakitanga) and learn about New Zealand’s international efforts in fostering global relationships.

Pūtātara teaches students about Expo 2020 Dubai, where under the theme Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, 192 countries will present solutions to global challenges in the areas of Mobility, Opportunity and Sustainability. The resource encourages students to think and act on these topics locally.

Students explore topics such as climate change, wellbeing, the environment and national identity, through actively engaging with their community. Collaboration with whānau, iwi, industries, councils and stakeholders is encouraged. Examples of Pūtātara activities include learning about the biodiversity of bees, then creating a beehive on school property, or hosting a mini-Expo to share ideas and propose future goals for the community.

The Pūtātara online resource is now live for all New Zealand schools to explore. Schools are encouraged to use the hashtag #putatara on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share their activities.

Visit the Pūtātara website

During Expo 2020, there will be a number of youth and sustainability focused time periods, where it may be possible to share some of these activities in the New Zealand Pavilion – let us know if your school has exciting stories for us to share with the world.