Our Expo 2020 Dubai hospitality partner Emirates Flight Catering visits New Zealand

Expo 2020 Dubai is our opportunity to show the world our manaakitanga, our warm hospitality. This is who we are as New Zealanders. Food is at the heart of our manaakitanga and we make connections with people over shared meals that are prepared with fresh and trusted ingredients.

We will share our cuisine with the world at Expo 2020 through a full-service restaurant inside the New Zealand Pavilion, that will be operated by Emirates Flight Catering. 

We are proud to have Emirates Flight Catering as our hospitality partner for Expo 2020 Dubai and we know they will deliver world-class dining for our restaurant patrons. 

To ensure an authentic New Zealand experience, members of the Emirates Flight Catering team visited New Zealand for an introduction to what makes our cuisine so special and to source food and beverage products for the Pavilion restaurant to add the New Zealand products already a part of their supply-chain. 

Over six days, the team was exposed to more than 80 New Zealand food and beverage producers in Christchurch, Wellington, Martinborough and Auckland.  They learned about our coffee scene, fresh seafood processes, farm traceability, craft beer, wine, future foods and more. The team also experienced our manaakitanga in relaxed and polished-casual dining environments, which is what we are looking to replicate in our New Zealand pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. 

“It was absolutely awesome for us to spend the week here, with the best weather, the hospitality was just incredible and what I love is that ‘go-get’ attitude, it’s all authentic and that is what we need to portray when we work with New Zealand at Expo 2020 Dubai” says Mads Houlberg, Chief Commercial Officer for Emirates Flight Catering.

“What surprised me is how sustainable this country is, it’s top of mind for everybody, and it reflects in the product, in behaviour and the way you think about how you do business, it’s really refreshing.”

As Emirates Flight Catering is one of the world’s largest catering companies, there are significant opportunities for New Zealand food and beverage exporters well beyond the New Zealand Expo 2020 Pavilion. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our restaurant when the doors open in Dubai in October 2020.