Progress together with New Zealand

New Zealand has one of the most respected public sectors in the world.

New Zealand G2G is a government-to-government organisation that sells New Zealand's public sector capability. In the spirit of collaboration and partnership, New Zealand G2G partners with governments globally to leverage New Zealand's proven expertise and real-world solutions, equipping them to solve problems and deliver sustainable change.

Whether you're looking to deliver a specific project on the ground, or improve aspects of your public-sector capability, New Zealand G2G can design and deliver a bespoke solution for your needs and share their sector knowledge and expertise with you. 

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Ingenious solutions

As a country, New Zealand has a reputation for challenging the status quo. We enjoy taking on challenges, embracing innovation, and constantly striving to be better. This spirit runs through everything we do – whether it's finding new ways to boost our agricultural output, designing a world-class education system, or improving services for citizens and businesses.


A trusted partner

New Zealand G2G is a trusted, government-owned organisation with the ability to broker world-class solutions. Our partner governments can be confident of dealing with reputable agencies that will bring high levels of integrity, accountability and engagement to a project.

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Respect for other cultures

New Zealand is a progressive nation, but we also seek to protect what is truly valuable. This is reflected in our indigenous Māori concept of kaitiaki (which means caring for people and the planet).


When New Zealanders collaborate with other countries, they do so in a spirit of true partnership. We respect that every nation has its own rich history, ways of working, and priorities for the future. When given the opportunity to share our expertise, we are always mindful of this.

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Development Goals

Much of the work we do is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030. We're proud to be contributing to these worthwhile goals – whether it's helping to grow more sustainable food or creating equal opportunities through education.

A world-leading reputation

Why partner with New Zealand

New Zealand's Sectors Of Expertise

Benefit from our proven solutions

At New Zealand G2G, we have deliberately focused our offering within key sectors.


These are areas where New Zealand leads the world or has an outstanding track record. Based on our own success, we know we can also deliver you proven solutions that will make a difference. 

Our specialist areas are: sustainable food systems (food safety and food supply), educating for the futureease of doing business, and government innovation and effectiveness. We also carry out projects in several other specialist areas where we believe we can add value. 

G2G Videos and Case Studies


From sustainable agricultural systems to improving efficiency of production, 'kaitiaki' or care for people and place, is a key New Zealand value, and at the heart of everything that we do.

Innovation and IP

New Zealanders take pride in punching above their weight. See how New Zealand G2G is adding value by bringing Kiwi innovation, expertise, and intellectual property to the world.

New Zealand G2G - Saltwater agriculture

Did you know it's possible to grow crops without fresh water? Saltwater agriculture means that water could no longer be a scarce commodity in arid environments. See how New Zealand G2G and its partners are revolutionising how the world approaches agriculture.

Case study - Date palm

From sustainable agricultural systems to improving efficiency of production, 'kaitiaki' or care for people and place, is a key New Zealand value, and at the heart of everything that we do.

Case Study - Salt leachate

In the UAE, every drop of fresh water counts. Maximizing their limited resources is key to everything from food security to environmental sustainability. See how New Zealand G2G and its partners are helping them do more with less.

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Who we are

New Zealand G2G team

New Zealand G2G is a public sector entity. It is a joint partnership between the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE).


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